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What We Do

We aim to promote educational equity and celebrate Ethiopian and Eritrean culture through our tutoring, mentorship and sports programs. By addressing academic challenges and nurturing cultural pride, we hope to bridge the systemic gaps that impact our community and empower Ethiopian and Eritrean students to succeed academically, personally, and professionally and thrive as confident, empowered individuals. We strive to cultivate confident, capable individuals who are proud of their heritage, equipped with skills, and prepared to lead with compassion and purpose.



Our comprehensive tutoring program caters to each student's strengths, challenges, and learning preferences, ensuring maximum engagement and understanding.  We offer one-on-one support and small group sessions to empower students with the tools they need to succeed in their studies. Classes are held weekly in Toronto Public Library branches.

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Our program is designed to provide guidance, support, and inspiration to youth as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of life's journey. Through meaningful connections, holistic development, goal setting and skills enhancement, Prepare youth for success by offering educational, career, and life guidance that aligns with their unique aspirations.

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Employment Assistance

Our employment services program is dedicated to equip newcomers and youth with the essential tools and skills needed to thrive in today's competitive job market. Services include personalized resume and cover letter support, interview preparation, and job search strategies. We offer ongoing guidance and support as you progress in your job search and career development.


Sports Programs

Our soccer and sports program take place all year round and is designed to inspire athletes of all ages and skill levels to discover the joy of physical activity, teamwork, and healthy competition. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, our programs offer a supportive and dynamic environment where participants can excel, grow, and forge lasting connections.

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Cultural Workshops

Our cultural workshops allows you to embark on an enriching exploration of the vibrant traditions, histories, and shared heritage of Ethiopia and Eritrea. Through immersive experiences, engaging activities, and meaningful discussions, participants will gain a deeper understanding of language, storytelling, music and dance, fashion, cuisine, arts and more!


Community Building

Our occasional team outings are designed to foster team unity, enhance collaboration, and create lasting connections through engaging activities. Our program is dedicated to enriching team dynamics, boosting morale, and nurturing a positive work environment. From birthdays to project successes, our program celebrates team milestones and accomplishments. 

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